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Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Is hard water making it hard for you to do business? Will only the best water available do for your customers?

Hy-Tek Homecare is a leading supplier of industrial and commercial water processing systems. Our years of experience help us tailor the right equipment for your exact needs. Innovative design, quality products and full support services at competitive prices have led to lasting relationships with our customers.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide a solution for your exacting needs.


Our equipment is utilised in a broad spectrum of industries, including leisure & catering, cosmetics, electronics, finishing, defence, and the maritime trade. Whether you are concerned with hard water and its inherent problems or improving the quality of your drinking water, Hy-Tek Homecare has a product to fit your needs.

Our engineers put their very best thinking into developing innovations to remove nearly everything from water that isn't water. Such as water softener systems that are powered by the force of moving water instead of electricity. And water filter systems that achieve incredibly high levels of filtration for drinking water that is greater than or equal to 99.99% microbiologically pure.

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