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If you or your child suffers from eczema, you’re not alone. Around one in five* children and one in twelve adults are afflicted by this distressing skin condition and it is becoming more common. And while many children do grow out of eczema by adulthood, they may still suffer several years of this uncomfortable complaint.

What causes eczema?

There is no single cause of eczema. Doctors believe it arises from a mix of hereditary and environmental factors, of which hard water is one. One theory is that the chlorine added to protect our drinking water and the hardness minerals contained in the hard water causes dryness and irritation. Because of this, hard water households use more soap and detergent - products we know inflame the skin of eczema sufferers.

Could switching to softened water help?

More than 60% of households are located in hard water areas in England and Wales. Research carried out at the University of Nottingham** by dermatologists, medical geographers and statisticians in 1998 indicated that hard water could play a part in causing eczema flare-ups in some children.

The study, involving more than 7,500 school age children, found that eczema is around 50% more common in primary schoolchildren living in hard water areas than those who live in soft water areas. This could not be attributed to differences in age or social class.

*Source: National Eczema Society 2001.

**Source: Professor Hywel Williams, University of Nottingham, August 1998

Kinetico UK are participating in new research commissioned by the NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) programme to investigate whether water softeners help reduce the severity of eczema in children. This study, led by Professor Hywel Williams and Dr Kim Thomas of the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology at the University of Nottingham, will run from Spring 2007 to Autumn 2009 and will involve more than 310 children with moderate to severe eczema from across four hard water regions in England.

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